14 January 2012 @ 1:00 AM

I get asked who i want for ______ role a lot so I am just going to make a quick post, just with names of who I want for future Hunger Games roles. I am too lazy to write big explanations on why right now.

Finnick Odair- Armie Hammer

Annie Cresta- Felicity Jones

Johanna Mason- Emma Stone / Mila Kunis

Plutarch Heavensbee- Paul Giamatti

Beetee- Michael Emerson / David Tennant

Alma Coin- Joan Allen / Sigourney Weaver

That is all I got so far. I understand some of these fan casts ideas may be far fetched, but this is who I feel would be perfect! :D

Oh wait I almost forgot!

Morphling- Lindsay Lohan!

(No acting required) ;D

What do you all think?!

2 years ago