14 January 2012 @ 1:00 AM

I get asked who i want for ______ role a lot so I am just going to make a quick post, just with names of who I want for future Hunger Games roles. I am too lazy to write big explanations on why right now.

Finnick Odair- Armie Hammer

Annie Cresta- Felicity Jones

Johanna Mason- Emma Stone / Mila Kunis

Plutarch Heavensbee- Paul Giamatti

Beetee- Michael Emerson / David Tennant

Alma Coin- Joan Allen / Sigourney Weaver

That is all I got so far. I understand some of these fan casts ideas may be far fetched, but this is who I feel would be perfect! :D

Oh wait I almost forgot!

Morphling- Lindsay Lohan!

(No acting required) ;D

What do you all think?!

2 years ago
13 January 2012 @ 10:17 PM

So my dad was watching a movie the other day and it had this lady, Joan Allen in it-

I think she would be really good. By the time Mockingjay films she would be the perfect age. Alma Coin is in her 50’s. It REALLY annoys the crap outta me that SO many people have the misconception of Coins actual age. Why is everyone fancasting her as like Helen Mirren and a bunch of people way past their 50’s?! You know, there is more than three older women in Hollywood… anyways back to Joan Allen. She is a great actress. And that picture I put above, the look on her face reminds me a lot of Coin.

I said in the title that she has a great chance of getting Coin because she was in Gary Ross’ Pleasentview, and assuming Ross is going to be involved with this entire franchise (which seems VERY very likely) there is no doubt in my mind he will consider her. He likes to recycle (idk if that is exactly the right word but I can’t think of anyhting else) actors he has worked with in the past and enjoyed (ex. Elizabeth Banks).

So what do you guys think?! Reply and tell me! We need more names thrown out there!

2 years ago