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The people who say that they don’t think Armie Hammer would make a good Finnick Odair only give non-reasons. They have nothing to back up their statements. They say oh he’s not what I pictured. Well, yeah he’s not what you pictured! He’s not what I pictured! What you pictured probably doesn’t even…


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"I’m not a huge fan of the comparisons to Twilight just because I think that it’s a very different world and comparing it directly a whole bunch changes that and doesn’t really get the message across. But I understand why people make the connection just because it’s a popular teen book and has a similar sort of love feel at times, but the story is really about Katniss and her survival and it’s more of a tribute to freedom and kind of giving the little guy power over the big guy."
— Josh Hutcherson. x (via weheartjoshhutcherson)
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Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth on the Twilight comparisons with The Hunger Games.

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There should be an Oscar category for “Best Facial Hair In A Major Motion Picture”

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