12 April 2012 @ 3:50 PM
  1. with all respect, wouldn’t garret hedlund be better? armie is just…too perfect, you know what i mean??

Absolutely not.

Too perfect? Yeah and why is that bad?

Armie IS Finnick. Armie is Finnick just like Josh is Peeta. People don’t understand how Finnick-like he is an how immensely talented of an actor he is. I dare you to watch ONE interview of his. Just ONE and it’ll convince you. It convinced me. I used to be a Garrett supporter. But then I opened my eyes.

Garrett isn’t the WORST choice for Finnick. Not a good one, but not the worst. If he got the part I’d give him a chance- just like anyone.

But I’ve though long and hard about the everlasting Armie vs Garrett thing and Armie wins in every category in all honesty-

Age? Finnick is 24. Armie is 25- perfection, Garrett is almost 30… and looks it.

Looks? Armie looks very Prince-y and has a stereotypical handsome and charming look to him. Finnick needs to look God-like. I think Armie has the “Finnick look” nailed. Garrett on the other hand looks VERY rugged and is not very photogenic to be honest.

Acting? Armie has a SAG nomination under his belt. VERY impressive for someone his age. He’s been in an Oscar nominated film and has done big time critically-acclaimed films. No doubt that man can act. Garret- which still a very good actor i’ll admit, does not have a very impressive resume. Not much praise either.

Personality? No denying Armie is waaaay more hilarious, charming, charismatic, and fun. Garrett has a very drowsy deep droaning voice and doesn’t engage me during interviews and scenes like Armie does.

A random plus- Armie grew up in the Caymen Islands fishing for his food and he TIES KNOTS. Yup. It’s true, he has said so numerously.

So that’s my argument on Armie vs. Garrett. And I actullay do like Garrett, I have nothing against him, just not for Finnick.

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